Personal Umbrella Insurance in Port Angeles, WA

Protection above and beyond your homeowner’s and auto insurance policies

A personal umbrella insurance policy is the ultimate way to protect your assets and your future. In addition to your standard lines of coverage, a personal umbrella provides an extra level of protection.

A personal umbrella insurance policy covers you when your auto, home or other personal lines insurance policy is exhausted. A personal umbrella policy is a great way to protect yourself from a lawsuit that not only can impact your current assets, but your future earnings as well. Unfortunately, everyone is a target for a lawsuit. The simple fact is that in today’s lawsuit-happy culture, the unfortunate scenario of being sued for damages that exhaust your other policy limits is a real possibility. Ask your agent today about a personal umbrella policy.

Broader Coverage

An umbrella policy may also pay claims that are not typically covered by other personal policies. Talk to a qualified Wenner-Davis & Associates Insurance agent today about a personal umbrella policy today.

Call a licensed agent at Wenner-Davis & Associates Insurance in Port Angeles to learn more about personal umbrella insurance coverage and why it is important to have one.

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